ONE CORE CONSULTANTS LLC will create a Facebook Fan page and begin to populate the page with the photos, videos and reviews created by our happy clients. We will post daily relative content on our Facebook page including new services, benefits and features.


ONE CORE CONSULTANTS LLC will start a Twitter account and begin to use the original company’s content as well as marketing messages to drive interest and traffic to the site. Tweets will also include links that educates twitter users about the reliability of our services. We will use popular hashtags for network marketing business.


Due to the nature of ONE CORE CONSULTANTS LLC business activities which lends itself to an image contents, the company believes that Instagram or Pinterest would be very effective as other social channels in marketing the company’s services to target markets.


A good number of our target clients are professionals who are tech-savvy and will most likely have accounts on LinkedIn. ONE CORE CONSULTANTS LLC expects that it could achieve a professional engagement on LinkedIn. Also, LinkedIn could be used as a network to communicate with other big brands in other state, share trending demands of clients. Thus, we will be seen as a reliable provider of distinguishing services.


Blogger outreach is hugely an effective strategy to obtain relevant backlinks back to the company website. Although search engines are paying careful attention to how backlinks are obtained, legitimate backlinks still earn a lot of search engine love. Additionally, the company shall post its blog articles on a weekly basis to inform potential customers about the benefits in the company’s customer support services, share new service offering.